It’s funny how my mind works

Copyright Erin Leary
Copyright Erin Leary

Even now, even after so very many years have passed, so long after the fact, I can still recall how that fence branched out before me on that isolated stretch of road. I can still recall how I abandoned my broken down car, how I made my way obediently home while admiring the details of the rough hewn boards, and how I found myself disappointed in the obscurity up ahead.

Nothing else: not your hand on my shoulder, not you tearing my dress, not you ripping me open. Only that fence disappearing into fog.


So, what does this fence remind you of? Let’s hear it over at the Friday Fictioneers’ linkup!


14 thoughts on “It’s funny how my mind works

  1. I could see how this fence would be a prominent picture in someone’s mind, especially if it’s blocking out something haunting. Brilliant take!

  2. Dear Christi, The mind tries to save itself by remembering nice, pleasant and calming things instead of a horrible, insane act of violence! Well done!

  3. I think that’s the best take on the picture I’ve read so far (haven’t gotten to all of them 🙂 Loved your closing.

    Greetings from Greece!

    Maria (MM Jaye)

  4. Dear Christi,

    I understand how it’s the fence she remembers. I agree with Russell. She’ll need therapy as she remembers the rest. it’s amazing what the mind can block out for the sake of survival. Good one.



  5. Christi, Good and well-written story. I totally agree that she’ll need therapy to get over the horrible experience. I hope she’s safe now from the sick person who did that to her. Well done. —Susan

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