28 thoughts on “To my kind editor

  1. Fabulous! Why did I never receive a letter like this when I worked as an editor?

  2. admitting things are the first step right? 🙂
    I liked your approach to Grace. Nice job.

  3. It’s a lucky editor that has a writer so willing accept edits. And in an age of electronic communication, the personal hand written note is pretty special, too. Great Work.

  4. Yes, why didn’t I ever get letters like this when I was an editor?! Such a clever take on the prompt. Color me envious.

  5. Please tell me that’s not your actual handwriting. It’s too perfect. (Also loved your take on the prompt. Someday you and I need to show up at Stephenie Meyers’ house with torches and pitchforks.)

  6. I love that this is saucy – no, sexy – and such an insightful peek into the relationship between editor and writer. Very very well done. Loved it. Thanks for linking it up!

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