When he was inside her, Suzanna could feel his deep voice reverberating through all of her chambers. His voice was so deep that it seemed not quite human.

The first time it had happened, she couldn’t believe it.

Having someone invade her body felt like being on an extended job interview, as if every move, every single thought was somehow being judged for its merit. Suzanna found herself constantly on her best behavior while he was inside her.

That first time, they went shopping together. He was kind enough to let her drive, since he didn’t have complete control of all of her muscles and joints. She parked near Nordstrom. Why not shop at a nice place, Suzanna reasoned, since he was paying after all.

I’m not paying, he warned, in that deep voice of his. Damn, she thought. Oh, well.

She floated in and out of consciousness as he chose one thing and then another for her to try. No, she said to the hideous black dress. Yes to the collection of sheer tanks that showed just the right amount of skin. Yes to the purse, yes to all the shoes he chose. It was so hard to say no to that voice. It just did something to her, and Suzanna liked it. She felt more alive under its command. Suzanna put everything on her mom’s credit card. She knew that she’d regret it later, but right now she was having fun.

He took her to the lingerie department and showed her a good time. Her shopping bags were getting heavy by the time she stopped for a coffee. No need to buy him his own, Susanna laughed to herself. “What’s so funny?” asked the cute coffee guy. Wipe that smile off your face, the deep voice echoed off something inside her. She stopped smiling and took her coffee without a word.

They drove home in silence. Suzanna went in and put on some of her new things, and while she waited to hear his voice she used her blackest eyeliner pen to draw a perfect circle on her cheek. She couldn’t have said why. She filled it in, and admired her reflection in the full-length mirror. She twirled in her new shoes and barely noticed how quiet it had gotten in her mind.

After a while she got confused. She couldn’t tell where she ended and the world began. She lay down on her bed in her new heels, panties, and tank top and she waited for someone to tell her what to do next.


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  1. Seriously trippy. In this particular case, I kinda liked that you didn’t explain what “he” is. It made the duality of her behavior that much creepier. Very interesting story. I enjoyed it.

  2. Chilling. I agree with EagleAye; the reader could explain this away as mental illness or they could explore the possibility of it being something far more sinister.

  3. Mystery-filled and creepy! Whose is the voice? Why did it choose Suzanna? Is this part of the supernatural, or a deadly conspiracy? So many questions- you’ve got me hooked. Great job with the prompt!

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