Copyright Jay Moore Photography
Copyright Jay Moore Photography

I’m a girl who runs. I’m a girl who runs on cool spring days straight to the lake and back. I’m a girl who runs in a fleece hoodie to angry boy-music.

Red wings flash from the right: No one ever dies.



Why do birds suddenly appear? 42 words for this year, Mom.

21 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. Oh. Oh the soc in the gut I had reading the back links. I am sorry.
    That sounds so jaded, but I am.

    and these 42 words were an exclamation point on the other stories.
    “No one ever dies.” So powerful, so poignant.

  2. When I clicked the link, it made it all that much more…pow! No one dies. Such a strong sentiment. And I can see the girl you are describing, running, amongst all this.

  3. I am so glad that I clicked the link. This was powerful by itself. The window you provided increased the punch exponentially. Strong. Nice.

  4. You wrote with the beat of the music and the pace and rhythm of your running. Then the flash of red and flash of memory. So short; so powerful.

    1. My mom used to watch a cardinal from the kitchen window; after she died, they naturally became little signs of her.

  5. My winks from the other side are always the hummingbirds…My Mom used to watch them with such wonder that, like you said, naturally they became little signs of/from her after she passed away. I loved this.

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