You’re going to like this one


It dawns on me that I haven’t told you the story yet, at least not completely. I’m warning you, this is a good one. It’s a story like a train without brakes, taking everything in its path.

It started back in 1981 or so. I was four years old, so was Geoff. Our moms each shared a close friend, Maureen, a Carmelite nun. She’s my namesake. Each of our moms came to her during their pregnancies, each one a story of its own.

In 1981, Maureen left her monastery for a time and traveled far away. Knowing that she would be gone for a year, she introduced our moms. Geoff and I were four. He and his mom came over. While our moms got to know each other, we played outside. As the story goes, I pulled his hair. His mom got angry, defensive. Somehow or other, our moms patched things up and forged a friendship in Maureen’s absence. They spent lots of time together, and so did Geoff and I.

We were buddies. We went to camp together, I took trips with him and his parents. He cut up my food in restaurants. We had sleepovers where we shared each other’s beds.

When we were six, I told him that I loved him. He kissed me on the forehead and told me that he wanted to marry me when we grew up. We kept it a secret.

Two years later, our moms had a fight and split up. It felt like the fun parts of my life suddenly vanished. For the first time, I hated my mom’s control over me.

Ten years passed. Freshman year of college, I heard from Maureen that Geoff and I were in the same city. Weeks later, I got a call from a friend who had run into Geoff.

Listen. I was dating a guy. I loved that guy. I even thought he was the one. But I was wrong. From the moment that I knew Geoff was in my town, that other relationship was on the tracks. Six months passed and Geoff and I were dating. The train snatched us up and we’ve been aboard ever since. Next week we’ll celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.

Now, what do you think? Does hearing the story make you believe in fate? If this were your story, wouldn’t you do anything to protect it, to preserve it?

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  1. If you still don’t believe in fate, I can change your mind.

    My freshman year of college, I began working at the campus radio station. A month into working there, I became friends with the music director, Joe. He had a band, and had just started dating a freshman. I was playing “Suddenly” by The Bog Men on the air, a song which a friend of mine had suggested I’d like. Joe came into the booth after my show and asked me if I wanted to see them play live downtown on Friday with him and his girlfriend; he had just scored free passes from the record label.

    I met Joe at the radio station on Friday. When his girlfriend walked in, she immediately asked me if I remembered Christi. Christi had told Elaine that if she ever bumped into me (at a school of almost 10,000 students) to say “Hi”. She gave me her number, we went to the show, and I had a blast.

    A few days later I called the number. As it turned out, her friend had swapped two digits, so I ended up reaching the wrong person. I hung up and went about my day, disappointed but ok.

    About a month later, Christi called me. Elaine had given her my number. We talked for a bit, and met for lunch that weekend.

    When I got back to my apartment, my roommates asked how it went. I said she had a boyfriend, but smirked and remarked “I’m working on that.”

    Six months later she broke up and called me. We met, hung out, and the rest is history.

  2. I am so, so, SO pleased that you ended up with the man you always knew you’d marry. Mine never knew I was going to marry him, and he moved away when I was still little, and is now married to someone else. I’m glad the fairytale happens somewhere in the world 😀

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