Rock me

Copyright Bjorn Rudberg
Copyright Bjorn Rudberg


Friday night I had a craving for music and headed over to a little blues bar I know. I pushed through the smoke tendrils and oozing music and took a seat behind a gorgeous blonde in a backless dress. I signaled to the waitress for a whiskey and settled in. The music was good, the view better. I loosened my tie, sat back, and followed the velvet texture, the curves and hollows, the rifts and swellings. As the golden strands caught in the dim light and set after set unfurled, I found my composure.

When she turned around, I beckoned.


100 words for Friday Fictioneers.



11 thoughts on “Rock me

  1. I loved the description of the textures of the music. My mind has been asking what happened next – always a good sign for me.

  2. Love the images you created with this, I love the line… the music was good, the view better.. Nice.

  3. Wonderful depth and presence of tension, easing as the night goes. Has she been aware of him from the beginning? Where does it go now? Evocative story with so few words. Nicely done. Shandra

  4. Well-written story. Your description sets the mood perfectly. With a stranger, though, he needs to be careful. Some things are too good to be true. I hope all turns out for the best. 🙂 I enjoyed the music. 🙂

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