Copyright Janet Webbs
Copyright Janet Webb

He sipped his sangria and contemplated the hideous painting in front of him as he plotted.

The sun turned the ice cubes to water and cut the sweetness of his drink as it warmed his back and prickled his scalp.

He jotted in his notebook now and then, planning. When he completed his list he put away his pad and enjoyed the rest of his drink.

At last, he saw her coming and signaled the waitress for more drinks.

“Hi, there,” she laughed as she dropped her bags and joined him at the bar.

He smirked. She had no idea.


7 thoughts on “Plot

  1. Dear Christi,

    One technical…third to the last sentence, I think you mean “he saw her coming”. Aside from that, you have me on the edge of my chair wondering what happens next. Good one.



  2. Awesome story and he keeps a journal of his plans! That will be helpful when the authorities investigate him – that is if he is careless with it. Good story and I wonder what he has in store for her. Thanks! Nan

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