A smooth ride

Photo via storyfever.com
Photo via storyfever.com

She’s my obsession.

She’s a graceful red flash against gray concrete. Her hood is low over her glinting silver eyes, hiding her sleek interior. She’s small, strong, and fierce. She hugs her turn and disappears, reappearing seconds later.

She’s everywhere at once.

17 thoughts on “A smooth ride

  1. it was very Red Riding Hood(ish)
    you hooked me with “She’s my obsession” and finished me off with “she’s everywhere”

  2. Very nice. Even with the picture, I’m not 100% sure you’re talking about a woman vs a very nice sports car. I like that ambiguity – your metaphor worked really well. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  3. Yes, woman or car? I love the ambiguity linking two seemingly different types of obsession that actually have a fair bit in common.

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