Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold, Melody thought as she pressed herself against a stone wall on a busy street. On a cold and windy day at the end of April, Melody held her breath as the pain unfurled from her cunt up over her abdomen. She felt the monster pressing himself against her perineum, and in that moment she knew fate could repeat itself. She felt herself unzipping.

Melody braced herself against the wall to ready herself for the next wave. She moaned with resignation but she did not call for help. The waves had been building since long before her perpetrator had buried himself inside her, thrusting all the plans of the universe deep within her. Nine months after the fact Melody still had scars from the recursive tracks the dirty bricks had left on her back.

Nine long months had passed like eons for Melody, who carried this growing seed deep within her. The first month she stared in disbelief into her clean panties. The second she bought a pack of men’s t-shirts to cloak her growing belly against the scorching late summer heat. By the third she began stealing food in the hopes of curbing her superhuman hunger. Then the months tumbled by against her will. Changes came and she accommodated. Melody kept her head and no one ever was the wiser.

Melody sucked in her breath as the jagged teeth of the zipper continued their slow unwrenching. Passersby eyed her curiously but no one interfered. Finally the zipper fell apart and all that remained was the cold, dark nut of fear about to be loosed onto the pavement. Melody hoped for the best as the monster came barreling out of her vagina and hit the ground with a shriek.

The baby left her wide open. Melody couldn’t stop the torrent of humanity funneling into her gaping belly like water spinning down a drain. The elderly black lady zipped by along with a half-dozen yellow taxis, a food truck, and a horse-drawn carriage. It was a busy time of day. Melody was powerless over it.

Without thinking, she bent down and lifted her baby’s small bloody body, his skin thin as parchment, and curled him deep within her black wool coat. She looked into his small face and the scrunched lines revealed a secret message. Melody didn’t want to admit to anyone how much she hated him, so she decided to love him instead. That quickly, her reality flipped inside out.

Melody wiped her tears and looked up at the sky. Swirls of blue were beginning to show among the clouds, the same shade as her baby boy’s eyes. Love wins, she thought as a kind-faced older man stopped in front of her. He looked into her tear-stained face and down into the bundle in her arms and shock radiated from his eyes.

“Miss? May I help?”

How was the gentleman to know those were the wrong words? Surely he didn’t know that a handful of words whispered in just a certain tone could throw her back against a dirty brick wall nine months in the past. Surely he only meant well. But Melody couldn’t make sense of it. Fight or flight took over, and this time Melody chose flight. She ran clutching her baby boy close, reluctant to release her hold on him. This time would be different, Melody resolved. She dashed away, thrilled by the cold April wind and the new life in her arms.


35 thoughts on “Transition

  1. This brought tears to my eyes, I couldn’t help but be drawn into this sotry and the pain and emotion you’ve portrayed here. I’m glad she chose love instead of hate. This was deep! I loved it!

  2. Powerful story, strong images. Some will love this, others will hate it. Have to admit it took me back on first reading but I can’t help but admire the balls behind the words. Kudos to you!

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Paul. I agree with you, when I finished it I wasn’t sure quite where it came from, or how people would react. But I decided to go with my natural reaction to the prompt.

  3. Christi, this is a powerful piece – very believable. I like how you use the man’s words at the end as a reminder/trigger. I also like how there is hope amidst the darkness here.

  4. holy shit. this was amazing. I couldn’t stop reading. you drew me in and wouldn’t let go. like the winter not wanting to let up its hold.

  5. Wow, this is so intense and so good. I love that “her reality flipped inside out” – so very cool. Great job with the prompts! 🙂

  6. Terribly visceral. I love the hate infused with the physicality of birth – there is just so much emotion going on! Then the way her feelings twist around, almost writhing…

  7. This was intense and visceral and also very well written. I love that it’s at once quite disturbing and a touching tale of love.

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