The shop

Copyright Claire Fuller
Copyright Claire Fuller

They worked through the afternoon, time seeping in a slow drip and the heavy air wrapping itself around the benches, spliced through with the electric jolts of the power tools. The sun slanted low in the sky as they cleaned up their tools and wiped down their benches. It would be a lovely sight, she thought, if things were different.

Before she headed for the dingy white bus, she slipped the sharpened sliver inside her sleeve. Aboard, she sat down near the front, staring at the sun through the window. The older woman’s hand on her wrist jolted her.


12 thoughts on “The shop

  1. I like your descriptions in the first paragraph. Of course I have no idea what’s going to happen or, for that matter, what’s gone before. It has a feel of a prison work-release program but that could be completely off.


  2. Dear Christi,

    I’d say she has a plan and it’s not a good one. Perhaps the older woman will be her guardian angel in this case. Well written prose.



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