How the internet brought me my best friend

I’ve been thinking of this one for a few weeks, but the time wasn’t right until now.

Several years ago, when I moved into my current house, in my current town, I decided that I needed to meet some people. I had one daughter, age one. She didn’t talk yet, and I needed some friends. So I went online and used Google to find a meetup group nearby.

I was so scared, taking my daughter to that first playdate. My heart was pounding as I walked over to the house, and I wondered if I was crazy. What kind of mom takes her little baby daughter to a playdate at someone’s house whom she doesn’t even know? Why was I doing this?

But some inner voice (not the crazy kind!) told me that it would all be okay. When I got to the house, I rang the bell and waited. A beautiful woman with glowing orange hair opened the door. Her smile was like the sun. I took one look at her and I knew we would be friends. My daugher and I went inside and we met her daughter, who also had very bright orange hair.

The funny thing is that the house where the playdate was was not hers. The owner of the house had to take her daughter to the doctor, but offered her home as a haven for the playdate. True story.

I’m still good friends with both of them, but the woman with orange hair? She’s my best friend. If you are her, I love you. You make me have trust in the world. Happy birthday.


One thought on “How the internet brought me my best friend

  1. Thank you so much…you have made my birthday so special….in fact you make everyday special for me. I am so lucky to have you as a best friend, confident and explorer. You know what drew me into our friendship? Your AMAZING smile and laugh. You have a smile and laugh that makes my heart leap for joy every time I see and hear it.

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