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Copyright ExLibris Books

Hands full shelling spring peas and chopping artichokes for ragu.

Valentina said hi through the window. Bare-backed and pushing a wheelbarrow of flowers she stopped all the clocks.

Elbow-deep in pasta dough. “Supper’s at six.”

A bare wrist held high, her reply.




Did you know that according to the Urban Dictionary, clock stopper means someone very ugly? Obviously, I’m reclaiming it. 

11 thoughts on “Equinox

  1. I love thinking of someone lifting just a wrist as a reply, I sat with that image for a extra moment.

    a busy kitchen and supper at 6, it conjures a time when clocks stopped for life. (not so much now)

  2. Fantastic! I loved this intimate little story. It’s sensual without being lurid. Nicely done. Thanks so much for linking it up!

    1. Well, that depends on whether she’s one of the pretty ones or not… Dinner’s turning out to be quite a party. 🙂

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