Clean up in aisle 18

Five past five, Sam literally ran into Whole Paycheck. She hated this store’s guts but time was against her. She dashed to the freezer aisle, gagged at the sacks of gluten-FREE bread with REAL chia seeds, continued along, glancing at her hair in the glass – it looked infinitely fuckable in this light, she thought – and she pulled open the glass door and yanked out the only pizza that looked vaguely edible. Too late, Sam saw the toddler racing towards her. Too late, she tried to close the door, only managing to smash the kid in the face.

Damn. “Sorry!”

Copyright Kent Bonham
Copyright Kent Bonham


My 100-word tale that began with a grocery store, hair, and pizza, plus some weird fake-looking lighting. Come on, you can do better.


14 thoughts on “Clean up in aisle 18

        1. Hey, no editing allowed around here! 😉 “Although if Batman really were in those lights, I bet he would be sweating,” I said as I pushed him in the grocery cart. You’re getting there. I bet you could use Samara’s words, Batman, AND make it nonfiction too.

  1. Well, let me just say this, darling — I just subscribed to your blog based on the strength of this writing alone. What a refreshingly snarky voice you have created here! Loved it. Look forward to reading more of your work.

  2. Your title’s great with your story. I always told our girls when they were little to be careful because grocery stores were places where they could get run over by little old ladies’ grocery carts. But I never warned them about this!


  3. This woman needs to work on her scheduling, although emergencies do arise. I always remember the movie, “Mr. Mom” where the husband temporarily loses the baby when he grabs the wrong shopping cart. Well-written and funny story. 🙂

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