My husband is hot

He looks like Matt Damon. His sister said it once, so I know it’s true. My friends all think he’s cute.

He should always keep his hair short. It sets off his face.

He looks smart in glasses. And hot in sunglasses.

He’s getting these little smile lines around his mouth. And his lips. I could look at his lips all day long.

He’s strong, and his arms and legs are so long and graceful.

His eyes are piercing blue, and sometimes I feel like he can just see inside me without even trying.

He has no idea how good-looking he is. He doesn’t care a whole lot, either.

I think that he should work out more. Not for me. But so when he catches a glimpse of himself in a reflection, sees other women besides me admire him, he will know that he’s hot. Without a doubt. I want that for him.

He knows me. He understands what I like him to do, he knows how my body works.

He is so loving. He will do anything for me.

That’s sexy.