I have a lot of ideas

As part of Yeah Write’s 31 Days to a Better Blog series this month, I did a little free writing this week. I learned that I have a ton of ideas. Ideas are literally pouring out of my mind faster than I can remember to write them down. I filled a page of my journal in about ten minutes, and that’s just the beginning.

Here are the ten that I like the best, in no particular order:

1. Why we all should practice Opposite Day — let’s let our kids be in charge for one day of each week and see what happens.

2. Being a mom of three is a lot like living in a video game, trying to get everyone to the finish line at once without getting too distracted along the way.

3. Grandmothers are secret sources of strength for us women, and we usually align ourselves with them unconsciously.

4. How a friend’s death can dramatically affect your life.

5. The most romantic dinner I’ve ever had.

6. How I won over a boss who hated me (I think).

7. Why I tried to dump a friend and how I got her back.

8. I was once in a mom’s group with a bunch of gun-toters, and how I’m not always what I seem.

9. Why Chinese restaurants remind me that my Bubbie hated me.

10. All about my experiences with reiki massage, and where does that energy come from?

So, what would you most like to read about?


One thought on “I have a lot of ideas

  1. #5 sounds sweet. I hope it includes me, but even if not I’m curious. And if it does include me? Well then I’m kind of curious what the most romantic dinner you’ve ever had without me was like.

    #1 sounds funny. #8 interesting (I think it might even be funny if your story involved you going shooting with them, though I’m pretty sure you never did).

    I know the source of the inspiration is different, but it’s interesting to me how the above notebook looks similar to this one (http://www.editmoi.com/i-was-crazy-when-i-wrote-this/)

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