Snapshot: Little blue car

I notice them before I notice the car. They are a sight. A guy, tall, thin, short dark hair, thick beard, pierced septum. He’s wearing a leather vest with nothing but tattoos underneath. Short, dark-haired girl, also tattooed, in a short, filmy white dress. Red-haired beauty with a long black dress revealing yet another set of matching full-body art.

Then I notice that the guy is pushing a little blue car. You know, like the kind I use for the baby. Kid aboard, thrilled with life. Awesome.


In front of me in line at the grocery store: Shortish bald guy, short beard, jeans, flip flops. Oh, I love flip flops. His red t-shirt bears the name of a band I’ve never heard of. Was it the Floating Watermelons? Whatever. He’s friendly, chatting with the checkout girl. Something about him says Irish to me. Cute.