I hate money

I know that sounds ridiculous. Maybe you don’t believe me; I mean, money has never been a huge concern for me as an adult. I owe a debt of gratitude to Geoff for working so hard to make that possible. But trust me when I tell you that money is a struggle for me. Or, … Continue reading I hate money


My mom was murdered by a used-car salesman. If my mom were telling you this story, it would be a comedy. She would twist her heartbreak into dark tendrils of humor until you were on the floor laughing. But she’s dead, so I will try to do it justice. My mom died under mysterious circumstances … Continue reading Encore

Life and death

When Geoff’s grandma calls me, I never answer the phone. No, wait, it’s not what you think. I love Geoff’s grandma. For simplicity, let’s call her Grandma. Grandma is everything that my Bubbie wasn’t. She’s loving, kind, friendly, funny. She’s delightful. I’ve felt close to her since Geoff and I started dating. Honestly, she inspires … Continue reading Life and death